Organizing Competition

& Performance


C.C.S.A.Co Ltd

at Music China 

Every year in October, we brings our brands to the most famous music instrument exhibition in Shanghai. Potential business partners from different provinces will come and try out the instruments and discuss with business co-operation. 


Purcell International Competition for Young Pianists (U.K.) Final

Congratulation to all the finalists from Hong Kong. C.C.S.A. was honored to work with SAE , Hong Kong Competition Assessment Association , Purcell school of music to organize the international competition in Hong Kong and UK. 


Joint School Music Competition in HK

Every Year from March to June, we worked with the Hong Kong Joint school association to organize the joint school music competition. This year, 2019 , we proudly to announce  our new record of more than 40000 students , more than 1000 local schools had involved in the competition. Categories ranged from western music instruments to Chinese instruments with both solos and groups. 


TJ Signature Custom.jpg

Trevor James -

Signature Custom Raw brass horns

The Trevor James Signature Custom Raw Tenor & Alto Saxophones are a professional line of instruments now available in the United States and Canada. The flagship large bell Raw model is a bare‐brass finish. After the manufacturing process, the saxophone is simply cleaned and coated in a wax finish, preserving the raw brass style. The lack of lacquer means the saxophone will age naturally over time, giving it an even more vintage look and feel. The horn looks stunning with it’s detailed engraving on the bell, as well as the model name engraved into the crook.